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Officine Kaggiotto - Feelari

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Cultivar: lilac

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    Biancolilla cultivar and the link with the territory.
    Originally from the Caltabellotta area in the Agrigento area, there are many of its denominations Bianca, Bianchetto, Biancolina, Imperialidda, Jancuzza, Marmorina, Napoletana, Pruscarina, Siracusana.
    The Biancolilla cultivar is probably among the oldest existing varieties, widespread in Italy since the 6th-5th century. Solid and resistant like the olive tree trunk from which Ulysses made his wedding bed, one would say, it survives time and preserves the memory of ancestral rites linked to the cultivation of the land, it is the memory of millenary acts that are handed down from generation to generation.
    The provinces of Palermo and Agrigento in western Sicily are the area of original origin, but today it is possible to detect its cultivation also on the eastern side of the island.
    Biancolilla is a cultivar suitable for hilly areas that have little surface water, a typical condition of arid Sicilian soils.
    Its roots, in fact, manage to reach the deepest aquifers going deep.
    Its high rhizogenesis makes it the symbol of a deep bond with the land of origin and of the visceral attachment to Sicily.

    Organoleptic characteristics and aroma.
    This cultivar allows you to obtain a structured oil that helps to connote the smells and flavors of typically Sicilian cuisine.
    The flavor, with decisive notes, is at the same time sophisticated and does not give up the refinement of dishes, adapting well to vegetables, cheeses, carpaccio, fish and making it an excellent substitute for butter and seed oil in making desserts.
    The veiled color ranging from green to straw yellow, made iridescent by amber and golden reflections, once again connotes and distinguishes it.

    The light fruitiness of its bouquet, decidedly aromatic with a spicy aftertaste, has the essence of almond, recalls Mediterranean smells such as those of tomato and artichoke and the scents and tastes of wild herbs typical of the places where the cultivar grows.

    Morphological characteristics of the olive tree
    Majestic and vigorous plants, with a solid and large gnarled trunk and a generous crown in height and width. The robust branches dominate and control the extension of the leaf apparatus which is airy and sparse.
    The lanceolate leaves iridescent from dark green of the upper lamina to silver gray of the lower lamina measure from five to seven centimeters and in the spring flowering period they welcome flowers with a low number.
    The drupe has an elliptical shape and reaches a maximum weight of about four grams in weight. The fruit setting develops drupes of no more than 3 or 4 bunches per branch.
    The olive of this type of cultivar is precious as having a little rich pulp, it provides a low yield.
    However, since the pulp detaches easily from the stone, the bottling times are short and rapid, allowing the preservation of its most typical aromas and freshest fragrances.


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