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Cultivar: nocellara

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    Nocellara is a Sicilian cultivar that represents an absolute excellence of the territory and throughout Italy. It is a native Sicilian variety, as well as one of the most loved in the region. The first crops refer to the times of Magna Graecia and today this excellence represents one of the most esteemed olives in the world.
    As confirmation of its excellent organoleptic properties, in 1998 Nocellara obtained the DOP certification.
    The Nocellara cultivar is the reference product of excellence in the Sicilian territory. Its characteristics take only the best from the island territory.
    Its quality leads it to become the primary ingredient in many of the preparations based on Nocellara olives or with extra virgin olive oil.

    Quality of an excellent oil.
    Nocellara is an olive that represents one of the best cultivars in Italy. The olive oil obtained from Nocellara is perfect for any type of use. Its quality means that it lends itself well to both seasoning fish-based dishes and soups, however this oil shows all its characteristics when used raw.
    Despite this, the olive oil obtained from the pressing of the Nocellara is also excellent for heating thanks to its smoke point, which is higher than other olive oils.
    Its production follows strictly regulated processes in order to guarantee high quality standards and this contributes significantly to making the Nocellara cultivar oil a product of excellence.
    It is a first pressing oil, produced cold and at a controlled temperature, in this way it is possible to guarantee the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.

    Characteristic of the olive.
    The Nocellara olive has a rather symmetrical rounded shape and is characterized by a very firm pulp that detaches without too much effort from the internal core, this makes it perfect to be consumed naturally as well.
    The weight of a single olive of the Nocellara cultivar is around 4-6 grams, the color is intense green and has small dots visible up close.
    At the basis of the excellence of the Nocellara cultivar there is also respect in the harvest. In fact, the olives are harvested exclusively by hand just as tradition dictates, in order to preserve their excellent characteristics.

    Oil characteristics.
    The olive oil obtained from the pressing of Nocellara olives is recognized for its fantastic glossy green colour.
    This excellence is characterized by a very low degree of acidity which is constantly kept below 0.5%, a property which makes it perfect to be eaten raw.
    The nose has a good level of intensity, slightly fruity and accompanied by aromatic notes reminiscent of mandala.
    In the mouth, on the other hand, there is an overbearing and spicy taste, ideal for lovers of authentic flavors like those of the past.
    Finally, it is also good to mention some of its excellent beneficial properties: the oil obtained from the Nocellara cultivar provides the body with a high quantity of polyphenols.


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