Anchovy fillets in olive oil

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Anchovy fillets in olive oil. 78g jar.
Strictly fished and selected in our seas (FAO 37).
Minimum seasoning 5/6 months.
Filleted and potted always and only by hand according to the ancient Sicilian tradition.

Anchovies (55%), oil and salt (45%)

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    Anchovies in oil: properties and nutritional values.
    They are rich in Omega3. Anchovies in oil provide 11 grams of Omega3 fatty acids per 100 grams of product! These nutrients are essential for fighting bad cholesterol and preventing arterial hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
    They are an excellent source of noble proteins. Our body uses proteins for tissue renewal, for the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters… Anchovies are perfect because they are rich in proteins of animal origin and complete with essential and non-essential amino acids.
    They have a high calcium intake. Not only in dairy products and derivatives: even in anchovies we find calcium, a fundamental mineral for the skeletal system as it gives it strength and rigidity. Specifically, 100 grams of anchovies in oil contain 232 mg of calcium.
    Furthermore, anchovies in oil provide 4.63 mg of iron, 69 mg of magnesium, 252 mg of phosphorus, 544 mg of potassium and 3668 mg of sodium: essential substances to help muscles, fight oxidative stress and promote cell renewal. The nutritional profile of this precious food is completed by copper, manganese and selenium contained respectively in quantities of 0.339 mg, 0.1 mg and 68.1 µg per 100 grams.


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