Melanzane imbottite alla siciliana - Ricetta Siciliana

Stuffed Aubergines - Sicilian recipe

⏲️ Preparation time: 20 min
🕐 Cooking Time: 60 min
🧏🏻 Doses: 5 people

10 small black eggplants
100 g of semi-seasoned caciocavallo
4 cloves of garlic
to taste of mint
to taste of salt
to taste of pepper
to taste of extra virgin olive oil
1 lt of pomodoro salsa

🧑‍🍳 Preparation:
Start with the caciocavallo, which will be cut into small chunks.
Cut the garlic cloves into slices or small pieces.
In a small bowl, mix salt and pepper in the proportions you prefer. Usually Sicilian stuffed aubergines have a marked spicy note.
At this point you can switch to mint, wash the leaves carefully under running cold water.
Now take the aubergines and remove the peduncle. If necessary, trim the cut so as to completely eliminate the white part.
You can now prepare the aubergines to be stuffed.
With a knife, make 4 cuts around it so as to create 4 pockets that will house the ingredients prepared earlier.
Now start filling. inside each pocket you will have to add salt and pepper and then a chunk of caciocavallo, trying to push it well down so that it does not come out during cooking.
You can now add the garlic, in the quantities you prefer.
Finish by adding one or more mint leaves.
Try to push all the ingredients well inside the aubergine so as not to let them come out. You will have to repeat the same sequence to fill all the eggplant pockets and do the same thing for each eggplant at your disposal.
Before moving on to the definitive cooking, the now stuffed aubergines will be pan-fried.
In a pan, add extra virgin olive oil, heat and then add the aubergines.
The aubergines will have to be turned continuously so as to make them brown all over their surface.
To help you, between one round and another, you can put the lid on and avoid too much splashing.
The aubergines will now be dipped in the hot tomato sauce.
Cover with a lid and continue cooking for about 30-45 minutes on a low flame or until they are well cooked and soft and a knife can easily be inserted inside them.
The cooking time may vary depending on the size of the aubergines used.
They will be served piping hot.

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