Brociolone di carne - Falsomagro - Ricetta Siciliana

Brociolone of meat - Falsomagro - Sicilian recipe

⏲️ Preparation time: 1 no
🕐 Cooking Time: 25 min
🧏🏻 Doses: 4 people

600 g of beef
400 g mixed cold cuts and cheeses
1 large and one smaller onion
100 g of breadcrumbs
30 g of grated caciocavallo
25 g raisins
25 g pine nuts

A glass of white wine
Meat or vegetable broth
Extra virgin olive oil

🧑‍🍳 Preparation:
We clean and slice the smallest onion into strips, put it in a pan, add a few drizzles of oil and let it brown. Add the breadcrumbs and let it toast. Now turn off the heat, add the grated cheese, the raisins previously soaked for 15 minutes in warm water, the pine nuts and mix. Let's put that aside.
Arrange the slice of meat on a work surface, beat it lightly if it seems too thick, drizzle with oil and salt it a little.
The thickness must be about a finger and its shape will be circular if we use the ciampella (dialectal term to indicate the abdominal muscle) or rectangular if we use the rump.
In the meantime, cut the cured meats into not too large rectangles (we can use cooked ham, mortadella and if you like it, even salami) and the cheeses (preferably a little hard such as caciocavallo and spicy auricchio). On our slice of meat, place the breadcrumbs along the entire surface, the cured meats and cheeses mixed together up to about three inches from the end of the meat which must therefore remain free and roll it up from the shorter side.
In practice we will have to take the strip of meat that is closest to us and with a single movement we will have to bring it up to the point where there are no cold cuts and cheeses.
We will conclude by bringing the flap of meat without seasoning but only with the breadcrumbs, under the rest of the meat in order to close our false lean.
We have a few sprigs of rosemary on the top and bottom and tie them well and tightly with kitchen string to prevent the sauce from escaping during cooking. We start first from the two ends and then we conclude by sealing the rest of the meat.
Cut the largest onion into thin slices (we can cut it into small cubes if desired) and fry it in a large saucepan. When it is slightly browned, let's brown our meat starting from the two lateral ends and then continuing with the rest. Once it has acquired color, pour the wine, raise the heat and let the alcohol evaporate. At this point, lower the heat, add the broth to cover half of the meat and finally the sage.
Cook over medium heat with the lid semi-closed for about 15 minutes and then without the lid for another 10 minutes.
If necessary, add more broth or cook for a few more minutes. We will have to obtain a well cooked meat with a thick sauce.
If the gravy turns out to be a little too liquid, we can add a little flour to thicken over low heat.
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