Frutta di Martorana - Ricetta Siciliana

Martorana fruit - Sicilian recipe

🕐 Preparation time: 20 min
🕰 Rest time: 4 ore
🙋🏽Doses: for 6 people

500 gr almond flour
500 g icing sugar
75 g glucose syrup
55 ml water
n.1 sachet of vanillin
2 drops of bitter almond flavouring
plaster molds
food colors

Mix the almond flour, icing sugar, glucose, vanillin and almond flavoring in a bowl.
Pour the water on the resulting mixture and knead for a few minutes, first with a spoon and then with your hands.
It is recommended not to knead for a long time because you would get an oily and no longer usable dough.
Dip your hands in the starch for sweets and form spheres of various sizes with the mixture obtained, taking into account the type of mold you want to use.
It is important, in this phase, to pass your hands several times in the starch to obtain very smooth and non-sticky spheres.
Brush the plaster shape with starch, insert the marzipan ball into the mould, press it down lightly and then take it out.
Remove traces of starch with a brush and leave to rest for a day before proceeding with colouring.
To color the almond paste, use food colors and enjoy the pleasure of creating your marzipan fruit.
It's fun and the kids will love it!
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