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Extra virgin olive oil
Oleifici Barbera

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Cultivar: native variety

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Alive, in the ancient Sicilian dialect means olives. To obtain this product we use particular selections of oils from the Mediterranean area and the result is a blend with low acidity, high nutritional value and a fragrant taste, a living extra virgin olive oil! The perfect balance between the sweetness of the Spanish Arbequina, the herbaceous freshness of the Greek Koroneiki and the persistent fruitiness on the typical finish of the Apulian Coratina, makes this product a flavor enhancer that enriches the taste of every recipe. A product of great clarity and a penetrating aroma, with a delicate and fragrant taste.

CULTIVAR: Various autochthonous.

AREA OF ORIGIN: Countries in the Mediterranean area.

OLIVE GROVE ALTITUDE: Medium hill - plain.


EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Crushing within 24 hours of harvesting, continuous extraction and separation by centrifuge, natural decanting and decanting.

FILTERING: Through natural cloths.

AROMA: Soft but persistent smell of fresh.

TASTE: Medium fruity with an almond background.

APPEARANCE: Oil of good density with a clear golden yellow colour.

USE: Preparation of sauces, frying, cooking in general and raw.


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€12.00 all over Italy (including the islands)


The shipping costs will be calculated during checkout based on the weight and volume of the purchased products and vary depending on the destination country.

Below are the rates divided into zones and weight:

Zone 1:
France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain.

from 0 to 5 kg = € 22,90
from 5 to 10 kg = € 27,90
from 10 to 20 kg = € 34,90
from 20 to 30 kg = € 49,90

Zone 2:
Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania.

from 0 to 5 kg = € 23,90
from 5 to 10 kg = € 28,90
from 10 to 20 kg = € 35,90
from 20 to 30 kg = € 49,90

Zone 3:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Denmark.

from 0 to 5 kg = € 29.90
from 5 to 10 kg = € 34.90
from 10 to 20 kg = € 44.90
from 20 to 30 kg = € 54,90

Zone 4:

from 0 to 5 kg = € 35.00
from 5 to 10 kg = € 50.00
from 10 to 20 kg = € 85.00

The shipping rates for all other zones not listed in Zones 1-2-3-4 will be calculated by our staff by sending an email to info@sifoodly.com.

Barbera Oil

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