Feelari oil

Enjoy the excellence of the island's flavors on your plate.

Nocellara oil


Feelari Nocellara is an absolute excellence of Italian gastronomy, capable of releasing a unique bouquet of extraordinary flavors and aromas.
At the first taste it is already possible to fully appreciate all of them the organoleptic qualities.

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Biancolilla oil

The Biancolilla olive contains a profound variety of flavors typical of the island. It has a green or straw yellow color tending towards gold.
It is a particularly light oil and offers some spicy notes that go hand in hand with the intense aroma brought by the territory to which it belongs< /p>

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Sicily Blend oil

This oil comes from the fruit of our wonderful olive trees and from the union of two exceptional cultivars:
Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla.

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